Detective Training School nearing completion

The construction of a new Detective Training School at the Bomana Police Training College is nearing completion.

The training school is to be the last project infrastructure to be under taken by the Papua New Guinea- Australia Policing Partnership (PNG- APP) for 2016.

It is the second last project- a brand new Recruit Barrack was opened last week adjacent to the Bomana Police Training College.

The Detective Training School will see to the needs of detectives to improve the general approach to investigating reported incidents with the best investigative and interview practices for police duty and investigations.

According to Bomana Police Training College Commandant Chief Superintendent Perou N’Dranou says this will be an upgrade for the Police College.

Commissioner Gari Baki says he hopes to see the Detective Training School be opened by September, so it could come as an Independence present for the Bomana Police Training College which is something he is looking forward to.

He has already assured Mission Commander for AFP that the training school will be looked after once it is opened.

Annette Kora