Dedicated Beliebers in Brazil camp out for months before gig to bag a good spot

Brazilian Justin Bieber fans must be some of the world's most dedicated.

News channels in Rio de Janeiro have filmed them camping outside the Sambadrome stadium where he's due to perform in five month's time.

They're sleeping rough on the pavement - taking it in turns to study, work and eat - to make sure they bag the best spot at the gig.

They will have to be patient though. Justin will take to the stage on 29 March 2017.

"We are here for our idol," one fan told the Brazilian TV network, Globo 1.

"We are here for our love for him and that's why we did all this madness."

But the Brazilian Beliebers are clearly used to putting in the time.

Many camped out overnight to buy tickets when they went on sale last month.

The campers are determined to see their idol close up, telling the news channel that they have got a system worked out.

More than 100 Beliebers take it in turn to camp out for the night, going back to normal life the next.

"I'm not put off by sleeping rough," said one super fan.

"I absolutely love Justin Bieber. He inspires me and touches my heart."