Damaru’s statement absurd, says ACP Isouve

Comments made by the director of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate (NFACD) in the media were absurd and baseless.

The head of the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary’s Crimes Division, Assistant Commissioner Victor Isouve, says Matthew Damaru was quoted as saying cases initiated by the NFACD required the unwavering commitment of the police prosecutor to prosecute the state’s case.

“In the article, Damaru said criminal cases struck out by the courts were on technical grounds and not on their merits,” said the ACP.

“Damaru said such cases were in need of an impartial national court to hear and determine based on their merits. He further stated that it was a frightening stage where the process of initiating the criminal process was encumbered by an unusual vetting committee.”

ACP Isouve said Damaru has questioned the integrity of the court system, undermined the ability of police prosecutors and questioned the Constabulary’s chain of command.

“If Damaru thinks that the courts have erred, he has the option of taking the file to the Public Prosecutor’s Office for review and to seek ex-officio indictment instead of making such an irresponsible outburst in the media,” Isouve said.

The statement by Damaru is reckless and unbecoming of a senior police officer, ACP Isouve said, while apologising to the legal fraternity.

“The vetting process referred to by Damaru has been in existence ever since the establishment of the RPNGC,” said the ACP.

“This is in fact the established police chain of command or hierarchy. This process ensures cases are properly managed and handled in a transparent and accountable manner and to help prevent malicious prosecution.”

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