Cybercrime policy launched

Countries that lack appropriate legal frameworks and institutional capabilities to combat cybercrime, provide a haven for offenders and cybercrime offences to hide and flourish.


Minister for Communication and Information Technology Jimmy Miringtoro made these remarks at the launch of the cybercrime policy and regulation on sim card registration today in Port Moresby.

He said the Government will ensure a safe and secure ICT environment for its people, business communities and government systems to operate and not such a country that lacks an appropriate legal framework.

Miringtoro said the increase in supply and aggregate demand of mobile communication services, as well as the growth in the use of the internet, e-commerce and the range of electronic services in the country,  were acknowledged as the critical pillar for development in shaping the future of our country.

However, he said there had been a steady but significant growth in the incidence of cybercrime offences that were reported over the recent years.

“Cybercrime is a borderless phenomenon and a global issue and therefore it is incumbent upon every government to take necessary steps in working together with all sectors of society to safeguard and protect its citizens and critical infrastructures and systems.”

He said the key objective of the PNG Cybercrime Policy, among others, is the development of a standalone legislation that will criminalise various acts or omissions as cybercrime offences.

The launching was attended by the staff of NICTA, office of Censorship, Police, court officials, students and the media.

Freddy Mou