CSO to meet Troika leaders

The Papua New Guinea Government will host a civil society engagement with Troika Leaders as part of the official Forum Leaders schedule of events next week.

The Troika is three members of the forum; the past chair, the present chair and the future chair. 

The past was the Republic of Marshall Islands, the present is Palau and the future will be Papua New Guinea. 

They are the leaders who will meet with Civil Society. 

CSOs will present issues they feel PIF leaders should discuss. 

This is a milestone for the Forum in that it contributes to the Leaders’ vision for an inclusive and participatory process for regionalism, as articulated in the Framework for Pacific Regionalism."

That event, combined with this one, marks a sea change in terms of Forum engagement with civil society.

Pacific Island Forum Secretary General Dame Meg Taylor is a strong supporter of civil society.

She says she is committed to ensuring CSOs are included in the work of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat.

Joy Kisselpar