CPL apologises for ‘no bilum’ notice

The City Pharmacy Limited Group of Companies is apologising after a sign at one of its outlets sent out a wrong message to its customers over the weekend.

Stop N Shop at Central Waigani, Port Moresby, had a notice showing a red ‘X’ on the image of a bilum and a green tick on a handbag.

A picture of this sign was circulated on social media during the weekend and has received numerous negative reactions from the public.

One of them was Florence Jaukae Kamel, also known as the ‘bilum meri’.

Kamel said this was very disappointing and described it as discriminatory, being that bilums are an identity.

CPL, in a statement, has apologised for the manner in which the message was undertaken.

The group responded that there is a policy it reiterated recently that large market bags are no longer allowed to be brought inside the store premises when one is doing grocery shopping, and should be left at the bilum counter.

“When this was cascaded internally within our team, there was a message distortion and it has taken a different interpretation and an entirely new meaning,” explains CPL.

“The large market bags were thought of as bilum bags but we were referring to only big bags like large market bags, sports bags, etc.”

The group assures of no intention to discriminate against any race, culture and tradition under no circumstances and says to treat customers with more care going forward.

This sign was removed when Loop PNG visited the store on Sunday.

In the meantime, Kamel wants to see laws in place to protect bilums and respect given to women who depend on bilum-weaving for a living.

(A picture of the notice that was put on social media)

Gloria Bauai