Court stays Damaru's suspension

The National Court in Port Moresby in few minutes ago, stayed the suspension of Fraud Squad Director Mattew Damaru.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki suspended Damaru last weekend (Saturday).

Baki said he suspended Damaru because he wanted to assume command and control of an erratic directorate.

He said the directorate was out of control.

He also suspended the immediate staff for their continuous defiance of administrative direction, which amounts to insubordination.

Baki also suspended the officer-in-charge of fraud, Inspector Joel Simatab, who will be charged and arrested for bribery and official corruption allegations.

However, the court has stayed Damaru's suspension and will continue to head the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directive until the matter returns to Court on May 9.

More to come...

Charles Yapumi