Court orders policemen to return confiscated items

The renewal of visa is a personal responsibility that accused persons must get done and not ask the court to issue directions for its renewal, says a National Court judge.

Justice Panuel Mogish today told eight Chinese nationals that they cannot come asking the court to issue directions to the PNG Immigration to renew their visa because their passports were in custody of the court while awaiting a court trial.

“It’s a personal responsibility, why didn’t you come to court earlier and ask for your passports to be released so you can get the visas renewed?” he told the eight who were acquitted.

Their case was dismissed on Monday after the state put to the court that it will not go ahead with a trial because the jerseys and polar shirts containing the PNGRFL trademark they were accused of illegally producing to sell at their shops was not registered.

Yan Kunxiang, Chen Chaohui, Jei Cheng, Emma Huayue Zhuang, Zhuang Weiqiang, Liao Sumin, Chuangcheng Wu, and Yan Jinping are owners of a number of shops at the Erimart center.

They also asked the court today to order the police to return the confiscated jersey and polar shirts to them.

Justice Mogish issued directions to Senior Constable Joseph Pou and Sergeant Eddie Nihara who were in court today to return a total of 1,130 jerseys and polar shorts to the Chinese nationals.

The matter is expected to return to court on Nov 21 and Senior Constable Pou and Sergeant Nihara were told to file affidavits to confirm that the items were returned.

Their respective bail monies will be refunded after an endorsed court order is issued by Justice Mogish.

On April 7, 2015, they were caught selling jerseys and polo shirts containing the PNG Rugby Football League, Kumuls and Hunters trade mark logos.

A total of 10, 244 printed jerseys and polo shirts confiscated by police when they were arrested.

Selling items containing counterfeit trademarks or logos is an act that is prohibited under section 447 of the Criminal Code of Papua New Guinea.

(Pictured are the Chinese nationals outside the court presinct in Feb this year.)

Sally Pokiton