Court directs action to call doctor in psychiatry case

The National Court has asked the Public Prosecutor’s office to produce the name of the psychiatric doctor at Laloki for the court to issue specific directions to appear next Monday (Nov 9).

Justice Panuel Mogish instructed state counsel from the Public Prospector’s office to produce the doctor’s details to the court on Friday.

Specific directions will be given by the court to the doctor to appear on Monday and inform the court on treatment progress and the status of six psychiatric detainees at Bomana Correctional Institute.

The detainees; Epa Hawaya, Ishmael Binimo, William Soni, Mata Seke, Kenny Wombun and Oxy Mark were supposed to be brought to Laloki for treatment however they has not been done.

A Correctional Service officer told the court that ‘the doctor’ who was supposed to go to Bomana had not done so.

Meanwhile the eight detainees who were declared fit for repatriation to their home provinces are expected to be sent home on or before November 31.

These detainees were brought to Port Moresby from other provinces to receive treatment at the Laloki Psychiatric Hospital on orders of the court. They have been detained at Bomana since.

Sally Pokiton