Cop on good behaviour bond

An officer based at the Gordon Police station has been put on a six-month good behaviour bond which also covers a ban on alcohol consumption.

 The Boroko District Court in handing down its sentence against John Pll today warned him not to consume any alcoholic substance during the six-month period as alcohol was the root cause of his case in court.

“I hope that the sentencing I make today will help you become a better person, a better police officer and a better husband and father to your family,” Magistrate Mariestella Painap told Pll.

“You can continue doing those things but the law will still come back to you. You are a police officer and your duty is to uphold the law and I hope that you will learn not to use alcohol to control your life.

“Six months you are not to consume any alcohol and you are not to enter into the single female police barracks. I want to see how you are going. I will review your case in three months, any breaches within the three months, further orders will be given,” she warned him.

Pll was found guilty for damaging a property at the Gordon Female single police barracks units on Jan 25 this year. He was also convicted over his drunk and disorderly behaviour at the barracks.

Administratively dealt with by the Police Department for his behaviour, Pll was later charged under the Summary Offense Act.

He pleaded not guilty to the two charges against him which saw a two-day trial conducted that found him guilty.

It also came before the attention of the court during the trial that Pll had acted in that manner before at the barracks and has other records of disciplinary issues.

Magistrate Painap will review his case and the sentence imposed on Pll on Dec 14.


Sally Pokiton