Constable (1) wins Peter O’Neill Cup canoe race

Constable (1) cruised through to win the inaugural Peter O’Neill Cup canoe race held along the Aroma Coast on Friday.

A total of 37 canoes took to the beach at Pelagai village for a 12pm start and were greeted with perfect conditions in their quest to share in the spoils of the K100,000 that was up for grabs.

Flying in on a helicopter in the morning, Chief Secretary, Isaac Lupari officially opened the race.

The crew of brothers from Maopa- Mari Kapa and Wari Kapa steered Constable (1) into the front after the fifth lap and maintained this lead until the finish to walk away K10,000 richer.

There was more reason to celebrate with Constable (2) finishing the race in fourth place to pick up an additional K3,500.

Owner of Constable (1) and (2), Lewana Enara said he was a very proud man and would share the prize money with the two crews, friends and family who had made the win possible.

The top 10 placing were:

Constable (1) (K10,000), Hula Kele (K5,000), Marokele (K4,000), Constable (2) (K3,500), 02 Koupa Rau (K3,000), Amikoro (K2,800), Abute (K2,600), Kele Kings (K2,400), Wae Kuni (K2,200) Promise (K2,000).

Chairman of the Keleone Aroma Development Group, Ian Gapi said K50,000 was spent on logistics for the race and the other K50,000 was for prize money.

He said canoes that finished after 20th place won K500 each.

Troy Taule