Condom Saga: Calls for protests

Online calls for a protest on police brutality and human rights abuse have spread over the weekend.

This stems from the case of the video that showed police men intimidating a woman to swallow condoms which has sparked outrage among many online users both within and outside the country.

A protest calling for an End to Police Brutality, Stop Violence against women and Human Rights Abuse is being called for as many users have expressed outrage and disgust at what was documented in the video that was uploaded on Facebook.

The comments have unsettled police who at this time are urging for a more calm and collective approach to deal with the issue and to allow for the woman to get help.

NCD Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut is urging all parties involved to think about the bigger picture and not to pursue other agendas that may distort the current issue.

Kalaut says that the main aim now is for the victim to get justice and he has called on all parties to help get the woman to come forward.

He says that the young woman in the video needs all the help that she can get and urged all the online users who have access to get her to come forward instead of fueling tensions online which would risk jeopardizing the case to help the girl.

Julianna Waeda