Condom Case: Victim’s statement vital for case

The woman in the midst of the Condom Case has been called on to come forward to police who say that her evidence will make the case air tight.

NCD Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut tells Loop PNG that the primary evidence in the form of the victim’s statement in any police case is a must if the case is to be air tight in a court of law.

He says that police cannot act on the video evidence alone unless they have a positive identification on the officers as well as a statement about what was carried out in the form of the statement of the victim.

Kalaut says that online sympathisers should bear this in mind when giving commentary on assumptions that the police are not working on the case as no arrests have been made despite the video being in their possession.

He says that the video of the abuse alone will not be enough to get the guilty parties charged let alone put behind bars. What is needed is the woman coming forward to positively identify the police personnel involved.

Julianna Waeda