Competition watchdog approve airlines code-share agreement

Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (ICCC) have given approval for Air Niugini and Qantas to partner into a code-share agreement for the next five years.

Air Niugini submitted its authorisation application to code-share with Qantas on 27th July, 2016. 

ICCC Commissioner and CEO Paulus Ain said, “The ICCC granted authorisation to Air Niugini to enter into and give effect to the code-share agreement with Qantas for a period of five years commencing 10th November.

“The two airlines will code-share for passengers only. Qantas will market seats on Air Niugini flights on a free sale basis, meaning that Qantas will effectively act as a travel agent for Air Niugini, selling seats on Air Niugini and earning a commission on seats sold.”    

The ICCC Commissioner added that, ICCC is satisfied that code-share agreement would generate more public benefits than detriments.

“With Qantas recently shifting its services from the Port Moresby-Cairns route to Port Moresby – Brisbane route, the approval of code-share agreement ensures that there are some elements of competition on the Port Moresby – Brisbane route between the respective airlines,” Ain said.

Caption: ICCC Commissioner and CEO Paulus Ain.   

Charles Yapumi