Companies face K50,000 fine on plastics ban

The Government decision to ban importation and use of non-biodegradable plastic bags will be enforced by the Conservation and Environment Protection Authority, PNG Customs Services, and the National Agriculture Inspection Authority.

 Agriculture and Livestock Minister Tommy Tomscoll said “The law makes the importation and trade of non-biodegradable plastic bags illegal, and a crime with a penalty of 2 years imprisonment or K50, 000 (fine) against those who commit this offence.”

Tomscoll earlier announced that the ban had come into effect on the first day of 2016 and companies must comply because the law has been in existence for the last five years without having been enforced.  

“That is a long time given to import companies to have changed. As the understanding stood since 2011, so this law will be implemented in 2016.”