CNN editor mistakes sex toy flag for ISIS flag

Just a few days after several British tourists were killed in a terrorist attack in Tunisia, one CNN correspondent spotted an ISIS flag in the midst of the Pride parade in London.

However, it turns out that the black and white flag wasn’t actually an ISIS flag, but rather, a flag depicting a variety of monochromatic sex toys.

Lucy Pawle, a senior editor at CNN, was leaving work when she passed through the colourful Pride parade while crossing Regent Street.

According to Pawle, one man stood out from the rest, dressed in black and white and toting a flag which she said was a “very bad mimcry, but a clear attempt to mimic the ISIS flag – the black and white flag with the distinctive lettering.”

Pawle went on to say “I mean, if you look at the flag closely, it’s clearly not Arabic…in fact it looks like it could be gobbledygook.”

Or perhaps it could be pictures of a variety of sex toys, including dildos and butt plugs. Which is exactly what it turned out to be. 

Pawle observed in her on air interview that she seemed to be the only person who spotted the apparent ISIS flag.

Now she knows why. 

You can watch the broadcast here: