Clan undergo NID requirements for ILG

The Behori Clan based in Central Province and the National Capital District is undergoing the top requirement to form an Incorporated Land Group (ILG).

This is by getting registered with the Papua New Guinea National Identification (PNG NID) and obtaining a birth certificate and National Identification (NID) card.

The process is now underway and the NID officers issued the first 87 NID cards yesterday along with 200 birth certificates.

The clan of 5, 000 members is made up of six villages: Kirakira, Mahuru and Korobosea located in NCD and Madouate, Vaiagai and Furumuti located at Koiari.

PNG Civil and Identity Registry registrar general Dickson Kiragi welcomed the initiative of the community and said his officers have carried out registration for the clan members during the week and continued on Saturday..

Because most of them have registered in the previous mobile registrations, the officers did a mop up and so over the last couple of days, they were able to register over 200 people.

“This is part of our commitment to support requesting ILGs.

“They’ve actually mobilsed and coordinated themselves by providing all the necessary support for my team and that’s a very good lesson for other clans,” Kiragi said.

Principal consultant from the Lands and Community Development Consultancy Services, Pexcy Rodney explained that most of their land is in the proximity of the city.

He said it seems that they’re very close but yet far from the development services therefore they’re getting together to make sure to register their piece of land.

“We try as much as possible to put out notices for the clan members to come today and register at the Sirinumu Development Office with the NID officers on ground.

“Some of the elderly are very old and cannot travel to the NID office to register so it was a good thing the officers came out here,” he said.

NID registration will continue this week for the clan members.

Quintina Naime