Civil Aviation launches corporate plan

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) of PNG is empowered to be the leading civil aviation safety authority and security regulator.

This was the vision statement ahead of a mission that CASA’s Chief Executive Officer, Wilson Sagati outlined for guests and staff at the launch of the organisations corporate plan launch this afternoon.

Sagati also spoke about the organisation’s mission to be the employer of choice that exceeds regulation standards and practices.

He says that the “Civil Aviation Authority Corporate plan 2016-2020”  is a way for the organisation to set the course for their development pathway and objectives.

Sagati says that the plan is set up to embody the goals and objectives of CASA PNG and translate them into an action plan.

The plan will take into account activities, organisational costs and performance assessments that should reflect the latest trend in development and emerging challenges in the field of aviation.

Julianna Waeda