City chiefs silent so far on razor wire issue

NCD Governor Powes Parkop and City Manager Leslie Alu are yet to answer complaints from city residents and business houses on the removal of razor wiring from their premises.

Last Friday PNG Loop sent a list of questions seeking answers from Alu and Parkop however both failed to respond.

Alu had flown out of Port Moresby and Parkop said he would respond to these concerns this week.

Why are we pretending that Port Moresby is safe? This is the question asked by many city residents who have watched as the National Capital District Commission workers took down razor wiring around residents' premises.

Over recent weeks NCDC went around residential areas and business houses, enforcing a new policy they created to abolish the use of razor wires on fences.

But as soon as they took down the wiring, people started experiencing breaking and entering offences at their homes.

A property owner also told PNG Loop that his tenants at Badili are taking extra precautions after their homes were robbed by thieves who took advantage of the removal of fencing razor wiring.

“I’m surprised there’s practically no uproar from the business community in Pom about the hundreds of thousands of kina in property damage caused by the retrospective banning of razor wire,” he says.

The original notification from the NCDC to business houses was that it would only be along the major arterial roads where visitors from other countries would be driving.