Church partnership boosted in East New Britain

Raluana LLG in the Kokopo district, East New Britain Province has established its Council of Churches.

This is the first of its kind for the province.

This was the initiative of East New Britain Governor and Kokopo MP Ereman ToBaining Jnr in line with the government's Public Private Partnership concept.

The group was formed under the watchful eyes of Rev August Waninara, who is also the church representative in the Kokopo district.

The council has organised three reconciliation services.

The first one was held last Sunday at Kabagap Primary School for zone 3 which includes Balanataman, Nanuk, Tinganalom, Ngatur, Ravat, Kunakunai and Turagunan.

The reconciliation is purposely for all denominations in each ward to come together and work in unity to form a strong body of Christ.

This was illustrated at the end of the church service with a warporong or forgiveness or reconciliation where each church contributed 10 fathoms of tabu or shell money, equivalent to K50.

The second reconciliation for zone 2 including Ngangananga, Nguvalian, Bitatita, Raburua, Vunaulul, Livuan and Talakua will be held this Sunday at Ngangananga Primary School.

On Sunday zone 1 wards including Vunamurmur, Bitabaur, Vunatagia, Ranguna, Raluana, Ialakua and Barovon would reconcile at Raluana Primary School.

This council seeks to create awareness programs, teachings and retreats to strengthen families, wards and LLGs.

Raluana is the first model LLG and ToBaining Jnr is working to have the same for the other three LLGs in Kokopo district and hopefully for the entire province.

Raluana LLG President Dickson Ngaina thanked Mr ToBaining Jnr for recognising churches as major partners in service delivery and also for his committment of K10 000 towards this initiative.

Poreni Umau