Church leader calls for more data collection training for PLWD

United Church Reverend Anthony Mayhom at Babaka Village in Central Province is calling for more workshops to be carried out for the benefit of people living with disability (PLWD).

This follows the success of the recent data collection workshop for PLWD that was carried out at Babaka by the Department of Community Development, Youth and Religion (DoCDYR).

The two day workshop, from October 13-14, was aimed at collecting data for PLWD based on their needs and services.

“As the Convention of Rights for Disable Persons states, PNG must promote, protect and ensure the full and equal enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms by all persons with disabilities.”

Reverend Mayhom encouraged the organisers of the workshop to extend the program to other parts of the country where there are more PLWD.

He feels that it is important because they’re all part of the society we live in.

Reverend Mayhom said if we do nothing to support them then we are going against Gods own creation.

He said PLWD also have the right to do what any able person can do and be part of the society.

The workshop is specifically for district officers in the province particularly the Local Level Government officers, community development and the planners.

Quintina Naime