Church buildings receive timely help from Awesa

The work of Christian churches in Imbonggu district of Southern Highlands Province continues to get recognition and financial support from its MP Francis Awesa to do their work.

Awesa has provided financial assistance worth millions of kina to support church projects and programmes since his election to national parliament in 2007,

This include providing funds for vehicles, houses for health workers and teachers, aid post and health centre buildings, classrooms, communication towers and church buildings.

On Monday (April 18), during one of his regular electoral visits to Yaria in Lower Mendi Local Level Government area,  Awesa made on-the-spot decisions to help two church building works.

The first involves a major facelift to carry out repair work to the roof, ceiling and other work for the Catholic Church building at Tigiri.

At the request of the church leaders and followers there Awesa made a commitment and told church leaders to do the costing for maintenance work to be undertaken as soon as possible.

As well, he committed K20,000 to the Tigiri Christian Revival Centre to replace a bush material church building with permanent material.

Awesa described as “unrivalled commitment and dedication”, the work of Christian churches providing vital services in areas they serve.

“Churches have and will continue to play a very important role in the socio-economic development of PNG, including in some of the most remote and isolated parts where there is no government presence.

“They provided some of the best services and it is only right they get all the much-needed financial and other support to continue doing their jobs,” Awesa said.

Henzy Yakam