Chinese government officially handed Conventional centre to PNG

The US$496 million (K1572.11m) International Conventional Centre has been officially handed over to the PNG government this afternoon.

Being the biggest project in the Pacific by the government of the People's Republic of China Ambassador HE Li Ruiyou handed the Centre to Minister for Sports and National events Justin Tkatchenko on behalf of Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

Ruiyou said the project was given as a token of appreciation for the relationships China have with PNG for the past 40 years.

“40 years of diplomatic ties have made the relationship between our two countries reach the maturity and secured on the right tracks in the right direction.

"A friend in need is a friend indeed."

He added that China will continue to build this relationship with PNG and also the rest of the Pacific.

Constructed by the China Railway Company the International Convention Centre's circular facade is a nod to the 'round haus' architectural style.

It has 9,700 sqm of dedicated meeting space inside: a central auditorium, a 750-seat theatre, large plenary rooms, a state-of-the art media centre, a circular 48-seat boardroom, a formal dining room and, on the second floor, a collection of breakout rooms.

Tkatchenko when accepting the gift from China thanked the People's Republic of China for the gift and pledge to work with them in the years to come.

He also congratulated China for its 67th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and will continue to build this relationship with them.

“Our countries are now reaching a milestone in our bilateral relationship-celebrating 40 years of formal recognition.”

Freddy Mou