Chinese cleared in PNGRFL logo case

A case of eight Chinese nationals at the Waigani National Court was dismissed yesterday after the State put to the court that the trademark they were accused of illegally producing was not registered.

They are owners of shops at the Erimart shop complex. They appeared before Justice Panuel Mogish on Monday, November 7, for a trial to answer to allegations that they were selling printed jerseys and polo shirts containing counterfeit logos for the PNGRFL, Kumuls and Hunters.

However, before the trial started, the court was made known of a declaration filed by the State saying the trademarks were never registered by the complainant, the PNG Rugby Football League.

The State said although the trademarks are owned by the PNGRFL, there is no evidence that they were registered.

“I think it goes down to the policeman who investigated the matter. This case went through finding an interpreter,” Justice Mogish said when discharging them from court.

“The evidence against this is very poor and the investors must ensure that the evidence is tight. All of you are free to go.”

Yan Kunxiang, Chen Chaohui, Jei Cheng, Emma Huayue Zhuang, Zhuang Weiqiang, Liao Sumin, Chuangcheng Wu and Yan Jinping were committed to stand trial on Nov 23 last year.

On April 7, 2015, they were caught selling jerseys and polo shirts containing the PNG Rugby Football League, Kumuls and Hunters trademark logos.

This saw a total of 10, 244 printed jerseys and polo shirts confiscated by police when they were arrested.

Selling items containing counterfeit trademarks or logos is an act that is prohibited under section 447 of the Criminal Code of Papua New Guinea.

Sally Pokiton