Cervical Cancer makes PIF agenda

Cervical Cancer affects about 50 percent of women in the Pacific and as such it is one of the key topics to be discussed at the 46TH Pacific Island Forum (PIF) meeting.

General Secretary of PIF and Papua New Guinean, Dame Meg Taylor says a lot people were surprised to learn that “cervical cancer” is a key discussion topic.

She said it is a key issue because of its economic implications and the number of deaths in the region.

“There are statistics from Melanesia and Micronesia but very little from Polynesia,” she said.

 The Medical Conference this week emphasized the need for a national screening and treatment program.

Dame Meg told reporters the issue is not unique as men and their families across the Pacific experience pain and suffering from an illness that can be prevented

“Besides what is being done in Papua New Guniea, a lot is being done in Solomon Island, Vanuatu and Fiji and these lessons must be shared,” she says.

By the end of next week leaders from 16 pacific nations will produce a statement on what can be done about cervical cancer.

Joy Kisselpar