Central Governor condemns attack of tourists

Central Province Governor Kila Haoda has condemned the attack and rape of the tourists along the Kokoda Track this week.

Haoda is deeply saddened and embarrassed, ashamed and angry in the manner in which these innocent, helpless and defenseless people were attacked by few senseless and lunatic people.

He urged the people of Koiari to assist police to bring these lunatics to face the law. 

“Our people and our province’s good name have been tarnished,” Haoda said in a statement.

Haoda added that the Kokoda Track Initiative Committee’s spirit to improve the track, its security and livelihood of our Koiari people has been dampened by these few people and incident.

“It is really a negative impediment when our National Government is embarking on a major drive to improve tourism through our new vibrant Minister for Tourism.

“Central Province Government wants to position itself as a “tourist destination” by the nature of its people and environment, and these events cloud that vision,” he said.

As the Governor of the Central, he strongly condemns this type of behaviour in its strongest term and asked the Judges to deliver maximum penalties for these culprits so it will act as deterrent for others.

Haoda also apologised to the two victims and thanked Central Province Police Commander Laimo Asi for promptly conducting investigations to apprehend the culprits.

Quintina Naime