Car washers attack criminals, hand over to police

Car washers at Sabama have waged a war against criminal elements that try to spoil their business.

Yesterday (March 27th) two men were badly bashed up and handed over to police, while another was chased away by angry vendors.

The vendors have sent a clear message that they do not want criminal elements to disturb their customers who frequent the area to have their cars cleaned.

A community spokesman Tony Hovea says  the business of cleaning cars benefits many unemployed youths which is why anything that can cause them to lose customers  will be dealt with.

The three men were trying to hi-jack a car but were stopped by the youths there who were defending their businesses.

Badili police station commander Tony Kavan said  this is the proactive approach that police wants to see from the community.

He says in this way the community will take more ownership of their law and order issues and there will be a genuine lasting change.

Julianna Waeda