Cancer Treatment Centre needs K10million

The country’s only cancer treatment Centre in Lae Morobe Province needs K10million to help bring the level of their service up.

The Centre has so far treated over 5000 people with cervix, breast and mouth cancer.

The facility is headed by Papua New Guinea’s only radiation oncologist, Dr John Niblett.

He says it is frustrating when requests and submissions fall on deaf ears.

The treatment Centre has 36 beds in two wards that need immediate attention as they continue to rot away.

Niblett says he needs more staff and require other equipments.

Despite the frustration and disappointment Cancer specialists continue to perform their duties by treating over 30 patients a day.

Niblett says cancer treatment involves a combined treatment that needs specific equipment and facilities.

He says cancer cases are increasing especially cervix, cancer and breast.

Every year  200 to 300 cases of breast cancer and over 100 cases of cervical cancer are attend to at the Centre.

“The government should be proud that the investment in a cobalt machine and other cancer equipment has seen people get treatment at no cost at all,” Niblett says.

Treatment is free.

Joy Kisselpar