Cancer foundation involves more people in screening process

More than five hundred referrals have been made by the PNG Cancer Foundation when carrying out its cancer awareness program.

Yesterday, the Foundation was at Lawes Road Clinic, in Konedobu, Port Moresby, continuing to involve more people in the screening process.

PNG Cancer Foundation is now targeting clinics to carry out awareness on cancer.

Mothers, including some fathers and youths, who turned up at the clinic, were lucky to have free access to information and screening.

The primary focus of the program was on cancer awareness and prevention.

Free mouth and breast cancer screening also took place and awareness of cervical and breast cancers were carried out through the workshop.

So far 500 referrals have been made during this awareness. However the cancer Foundation aimed at surveying participants to better understand their general knowledge of cancer, habits and behavioral trends within the Province.

This will provide the foundation with statistics to further educate and emphasise the importance of healthy lifestyle choices to reduce the risk of cancer.

The team will be in Pari village on Thursday to continue the awareness.

(File picture of free cancer awareness program being carried out in Lae, Morobe Province.)

Tere Alex