Business houses in rural Madang told to tighten up security

Business houses operating in rural outstations of Madang Province have been urged to engage more private security personnel to watch over their properties due to an upsurge in criminal activities.

Madang police station commander, Senior Inspector Vincent Isanda made the call earlier this week following an armed robbery on Karkar Island, allegedly committed by some gang members from town.

Isandea said 11 men entered Kulkul Coconut Plantation on Karkar Island and ran off with K21,300 in cash and properties worth more K25,000.

Kulkul is part of the Biabi Group of Companies, which is major copra buyer on Karkar Island. It has been providing other external services to the islanders for decades.

Senior Inspector Isanda said four of the suspects were believed to be from Madang town while the rest were locals from Karkar. The men used a banana boat to escape and had fled upon arrival along the north coast of the mainland.

Isanda said the NCR Rural Police command at Dylup plantation, following a tip-off, apprehended three suspects near Banap village along the north coast. They are now locked up at the Jomba cell in town.

Madang town has recently seen a boost in police presence, particularly new recruits from the Bomana Police College who are conducting regular foot beats in the town’s CBD. Additionally, there is also a mobile squad unit from Lae still in Madang for the provincial administration’s sanctioned eviction exercises.

Isanda stated that due to the increased police presence in Madang town, criminals were not targeting business houses there.

Therefore, he is urging business houses in district stations of Aiome (Middle-Ramu), Kinim (Sumkar), Saidor (Rai Coast), Bogia (Bogia) and Walium (Usino-Bundi) to tighten up on security by engaging more men to watch over their property.

(Madang police station)

James. G Kila