Buai ban operations cut back

The NCD Buai (betelnut) ban has been reduced during this festive period given the lack of funding and logistical support.

Buai Ban Controller Honk Kiap tells PNG Loop that while the city has seen a general clean up in image in the long run the issue has more to do with the consumers than the sales man and woman.

Kiap admits there is a need for a review on how the city can effectively approach the issue.

Kiap says officers are aware of the re-emergence of buai markets at Gerehu, Morata, Taurama and Hanuabada but are rethinking their strategy in light of constraints.

He says that during the Christmas and New Year peak period all buai road checks into the city were scaled down and  staff were given new instructions to allow for only small amounts of betelnut to come into the city.

The main issue he says has to do with people's attitudes and how they are willing to embrace efforts to beautify the city.

He says that an idea he will be pushing is for the ban to be adjusted to let the markets stay but have controlled set ups to deal with littering in order to curb the rubbish issue that prompted the authorities to impose the ban in the first place.

He says that 2016 is a year for review and smart changes that he hopes can be reflected in how the ban operates and is implemented in the city.


Julianna Waeda