BSP Arawa closure slows business activities

The closure of Bank South Pacific (BSP) Arawa has slowed business activities in the area.

The bank was closed two weeks ago.

This has has resulted in business and local people travelling to Buka for banking.

A concerned businessman in Arawa, Lawrence Matau told Loop PNG that millions of kina worth depositing is now in their hands and they will spend money again to travel to Buka.

“According to the bank staff, communication problems was the issue that causes the closure. This is what really frustrating to us business houses in Arawa as any problems should be fixed in ample time. We don’t want to go to Buka,” Matau said.

“We’re still stuck. If it opens up again, they must rectify this kind of problems and let us know in advance because the bank is a very important asset here in Arawa,” he said.

Peterson Tseraha