Breach of traffic rules result in vehicle accident

A route seven coaster bus and a Maroon Toyota 10-seater vehicle collide an hour ago at the traffic intersection at Waigani near Tisa Haus building in Port Moresby.

A witness at the scene said the driver of the maroon 10-seater disregarded a stop sign and drove out into the moving traffic from its left just when the PMV bus packed with passengers driving up from Gordon shocking rammed into its lefts side.

The two vehicles collide in the middle of the heavy traffic with the left side of the 10-seater all smashed and dented inward while the PMV bus slide off the collision and hit the cement wall next to the traffic lights and stopped with broken windshield and dented fronts.

There were blood inside the front seats of the bus as well as the 10-seater, however, number of casualties are yet to be confirmed.

However, bystanders said few people were rushed to the hospital by a PNG Power vehicle at the scene including the driver of the maroon Toyota 10-seater vehicle.

Police arrived minutes later and cleared the scene for investigation.

Lamech Jinimbo