Brazil still improving, says Coach

Coach of the Brazil U20 women’s team Dorival Bueno, said his team has a lot to improve on but is also happy with the way they fared in this year’s FIFA U20 Women’s World Cup.

The Brazilian ladies bowed out of the world cup yesterday after losing to Japan 3-1 in the quarterfinals played in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.    

Translated by a translator, Bueno said, heading into the match, they knew Japan would be a tough team to play as they play fast and are a defensive team.    

“They scored in the first end of first half, and in the second half we needed to score that is why we were open.”

Bueno who has been at the helm of the U20 Brazil Women’s team since 2014 said the team did not qualify a final in the World Cup for 8 years, and will learn from the defeat to improve.

He said one thing they will take out of the competition is that the current team has 5 players eligible to play in the next world cup in 2018.

“That is something I learnt in 2014 and if continue to develop in that way we will develop to be better,” Bueno said.