BPNG Governor to produce affidavit on recovered money

The Waigani National Court today issued an order to the Bank of PNG Governor, Loi Bakani to produce an affidavit to confirm with the court, some of the monies recovered from the 2013 G4S robbery.

Justice Panuel Mogish issued an order for the State to inform BPNG Governor, Bakani to give an affidavit before 1:30pm tomorrow (Wednesday) and inform the Court of how much money is in safe custody of the Central Bank.

The order came today after one of the accused in the K6 million G4S robbery case of 2013 pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property from that robbery.

Thomas Karo told the Court through his lawyer today that K323, 660 has been handed over to police arresting officer that has since been given to the custody of the Central Bank.

Karo pleaded guilty to receiving K323, 660, some of the stolen money from the May Bank robbery on  October 4, 2013,.

The robbery saw K5.9 million cash hijacked while being transported by G4S security firm from the May Bank to the Central Bank.

The matter will return to court at 1:30 tomorrow.

Sally Pokiton