Bougainville youths urged to be responsible

Youths on Bougainville have been reminded once again on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse which can lead to imprisonment or even death.

Consumption of alcohol is now being blamed for a lot of incidents involving youths and young adults alike, including married couples.

A very nasty incident happened in Arawa two weeks ago following an episode of drink driving. People throughout Bougainville do not want it to happen again.

And to make it worse, youths are now having access to weapons, especially guns and knives.

Former BRA planner and veteran Ben Kamda told Loop PNG that youths must know how to behave now and be prepared for the future.

“We veterans have had enough from people who claim they have fought in the Crisis with us, kids who were just yesterday are trying to be heroes and that is not good,” Kamda said.

“Youths of today are supposed to be concerned about their future and they mustn’t play around and be blinded by drugs and alcohol, the future will be run by these youths and they have to start showing leadership skills now,” he said.

“Whatever they’re doing now, they should not overdo it. Nobody is stopping you to go drink and socialise but please control yourselves, drinking with weapons… what if you shoot yourselves and die in an accident? We do not want these things to happen please,” Kamda emphasised.

“The most important thing we’re concerned about is that we do not want the next generation of Bougainvilleans to run the government down,” he said.

Peterson Tseraha