Bougainville Christians told to have faith

Having faith in ourselves and in the destiny of Bougainville is the only way and nothing else and putting God first in everything.

This is the message from the Bishop of the Bougainville Catholic Diocese Bernard Unabali at the mass of our lady of Fatima on Saturday in Buka.

Thousands gathered in Buka for the mass.

“We always pray and praise the Lords name but then it’s just our mouths making a lot of noise deep in our hearts there is no faith,” says Bishop Unabali.

“That’s the whole reason why we’re always stuck with problems and don’t move forward.

“Faith and praying for a certain course is everyone’s business but when praying, faith needs to come first, starting from the leaders down to everyone,” he said.

Bishop Unabali further stated that there are a lot of praying tactics to use when praying.

“If there is no Rosary, then use your fingers, if there is no bible then use your mind and hearts.”

Peterson Tseraha