Bomb search workshop an important skill

The Papua New Guinea –Australia Policing Partnership together with the Australian Defence Force closed up the Bomb Search Workshop this morning at Holiday Inn.

The three week training was funded by the Australian Defense Force and facilitated by an Australian Company; Explosive Protective Equipment.

Members from the RPNGC, PNGDF and PNGCS who took part and were trained under bomb specialists received certificates of course completion.

Under the Joint Task Force- APEC Security, Defence Corporation Program Lieutenant Colonel Campbell Paine says in terms of the skills, course and training that the officers have done, this is money well spent for the development of this important skill.

“This will demonstrate to everyone watching that you have the capacity and capability, skills and knowledge to securely protect all the delegations that will come for the major events in PNG,” Lt Col Paine says.

The three week series of courses were being run to prepare the PNGDF with  Police and the Correction Service to be able to conduct the task of search of any major event that the country will conduct in the future like the FIFA- U20 Women’s World Cup and the 2018 APEC Meet.

He said  skills the officer have now is world class training and it is on these officer to take this training to the next step that is to train other officers and develop new skills and be equipped in some more areas and everything else will run smoothly.

“My confidence and enthusiasm of the job that I do inside the Joint Task Force and what I can report back to my boss inside that PNG chain is nothing but taken a massive uplift in what I’ve seen here and what the officers can achieve.”

Annette Kora