Body building finals this evening

The bodybuilding competition has gone into recess as judges file their report of the morning session for the finals this afternoon at the Caritas Hall.

This morning saw Mark Donald of PNG, Gyandera Maharaj of Fiji, Rocky Teklem of Solomon Islands, Yvan Thales of New Caledonia and Posing-Simon luis-Sail of Tahiti took to the stage to compete in the under 65kg male division while Salen Jim of PNG, Sione Sale of Tonga, Gary Colombani of Tahiti, Venon Bhim of Fiji, Denis Dolanga Sala of Solomon Islands and Nelson Sanmarso of New Caledonia took part in the men’s over 65kg division.

The women contestants only participated in the under 55kg and over 55kg divisions.

The other male divisions include the under 75kg, under 80kg, under 85kg, under 90kg, under 100kg and over 100kg division.

The main favourite scene was when PNG’s contestant Donald Kaiwi who took part in the under 90kg of the male division contested on the stage.

The competitors did a series of mandatory poses including the front lat spread, the rear lat spread, the front double biceps, the back double biceps, the side chest, the most muscular (men only) and the thigh-abdomenal pose.

They also participated in the 30 seconds freestyle where they show off their styles to the judges.

The final event will take place at the Caritas Hall.

Freddy Mou