Bodies of Kiunga crash victims repatriated

Bodies of those who perished in the fatal accident that took place near the Kiunga airport runway on April 13 were repatriated to Telefomin on Thursday.

A convoy of vehicles painted in mud drove through Kiunga town yesterday carrying the bodies of the victims to the airport, where they were airlifted in helicopters back to their resting place.

Among those who were repatriated were three children who died in the crash.

A total of 11 people, including the dual Australian-French national pilot, lost their lives on the afternoon of April 13.

Meanwhile a preliminary report by the Accident Investigation Commission was released on Wednesday following investigations into what caused the Britten Norman Islander (BN-2T) aircraft registered P2- SBC (SBC) to crash.

Preliminary report states that while on its final approach, the aircraft pitched up almost vertically and then dropped to the ground approximately 12 hundred metres from the end of the runway.

Three passengers had survived the initial impact of the accident however, succumbed to their injuries at the hospital.

(Pictures courtesy of Natasha Giarua in Kiunga.)  


Sally Pokiton