Biyama puts hand up for Governor’s post

Middle Fly MP, Roy Biyama, has put his hand up for the Governor seat for Western Province.

Biyama informed Loop PNG that the Province is lost following a string of unfortunate events decimating the province of three parliamentary leaders.

North Fly MP, Boka Kondra’s was dismissed from office this year after  a Leadership tribunal found him guilty of double dipping from public funds. His appeal of the decision was dismissed by the Supreme Court on November 30.

South Fly MP, Aide Ganasi, suddenly passed away on November 8 and was accorded a state funeral on the same day Kondra’s appeal was dismissed.

Governor, Ati WObiro, who previously beat a misappropriation charge was found guilty on November 18  for misappropriating K7.9 million of public money. He and Provincial Administrator, Dr. Modowa Gumoi, and Norman May of Fly Care Inc. have been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Wobiro and his accomplices have filed an appeal, which is on the Supreme Courts fast track list and will be heard from December 12 to 17.

Biyama is awaiting the result of Wobiro’s appeal and if it is not successful then he will pursue the Governor seat.

“The assembly will be conducted next week after the burial of our brother (Aide Ganasi) because we have to get our budget for next year.

“I’ll be there as a political head at the national level, and we are just waiting for, the Governor appeal so I cannot take his office for nothing. I’ve got to be mindful of that,” he said.

Biyama is currently working with the Provincial Administration get things on track.

He is also taking advice from the State Solicitor regarding Wobiro’s appeal and his plans to take the Governors seat.




Cedric Patjole