Big Mountain thanks fans in Lae

American reggae/pop band Big Mountain has thanked fans in Lae for the great support and coming out to their concert.

The band performed on Thursday night for the first time in Lae at the Ascots Nightclub and will perform for the second time in Port Moresby at the Lamana Gold Club tomorrow.

The band’s lead vocals Joaquin "Quino" McWhinney said it was great and they loved the fans that showed a lot of support and sang along to the songs.

Quino said the visit to Lae was very eye opening as they come from Southern California where all you see is concrete so coming to see how people deal with the type of environment they live in was very interesting.

He said in the end they greeted us so beautifully and they were singing our songs, it’s just classic PNG style.

“I have a feeling it doesn’t matter where we go in PNG it’s going to be the same, sincere, genuine and heart felt people that we are going to find.

“The people here are very welcoming and very warm friendly people unlike anywhere in the world and we appreciate the fans.

“We love you all and we want to see those PNG smiles as Big Mountain is about love.

“Life is so stressful and we are all dealing with so many struggles so we want our concerts to be a time when we get to forget all of that, we get to break down all divisions and just for a little bit of time we are just together,” Quino said.

He thanked Air Niugini, Naitorious Entertainment, Kool Bario and Lamana Hotel for making this tour possible.

Quintina Naime