Be on best Games behavior, police warn

Spectators and supporters heading to sporting venues must behave well when supporting their teams.

Those who misbehave will be removed from the venues by police, is a stern warning.

Venue commander of Sir John Guise Stadium (SJGS) Chief Superintendent Peter Guinness said so far police had arrested a dozen drunkards this week.

"We have arrested and charged six suspects for getting drunk and trying to enter through the SJGS gates. We want to ensure that the venues are safe and secure during the Games.

"Whoever tries to misbehave will be dealt with," Guinness said.

He said all the game venues must be trouble-free and whoever tries to cause a nuisance will be subjected  to police action.

Guinness said so far the general public had behaved well and they had not been facing any security issues other than those posed by drunkards.


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