Basil considers court action over DSIP funds

Bulolo MP Sam Basil intends to take the National Government to court over delayed funding of the 2015 District Services Improvement Program (DSIP).

He said for some unknown reasons the Government has not released the funding.

Basil told the people of Bulolo during the opening of electricity services to the New Camp village in Mumeng Local Level Government last week.

He said the only DSIP allocated was the 2013 and the reason maybe because he was in the opposition.

The Pangu Party leader however said the 2014 DSIP was delivered and many of the impact projects were carried out throughout Bulolo.

He said the people of PNG today want leaders who can deliver services.

"We have shown the people of Papua New Guinea what kind of leadership we have in Bulolo District in the last five years delivering the services to the people," he said.

"The 2012 election result speaks for itself with me winning with 80 precent votes to my rivals and that is a clear picture of people having trust and confidence in me.

“I will not waste this trust and confidence.  I am therefore putting my hands up for the Prime Minister in the coming 2017 elections, “Basil said.

Bustin Anzu