Barras roll up their sleeves for health

The health of our National Cricket team is looking safe and sound with the help of Port Moresby General Hospital (PMGH).

The Hebou Barramundi’s and Cricket PNG took a shot in the arm this month to ensure all team members keep swinging the bat and taking those classic catches.

The ‘Better Health’ support from PMGH was to ensure the whole of the squad including management at Cricket PNG were covered for Tetanus.

This is a serious disease that many people neglect to think about as part of their overall health regime. The Cricket PNG CEO, Mr. Greg Campbell does not take any risks when it comes to the health of his team and management.

“Our Hebou Barramundi’s are elite players and we need to do everything to ensure they stay in the best possible fitness and health. Health and lifestyle go hand in hand, and many people do not realise this. Health is not just about visiting your doctor when you are ill, but it is about thinking each and every day what you are doing for your body. Our Hebou barramundis are regularly educated about balanced diets, regular exercise, the benefits of a good nights sleep and listening to your body when it needs extra support during those busy periods in life. I would like to thank PMGH medical teams for their visit recently and the PMGH CEO Mr. Grant Muddle for their on-going support of PNG Cricket and our team the Hebou Barramundi’s”, commented CEO Cricket PNG Mr. Greg Campbell

PMGH CEO made the following remarks, “Its great to see the Hebou Barramundi’s leading the way with these recent Tetanus vaccinations. As the CEO, Cricket PNG has pointed out, this is something that each and every person should be vaccinated against. The Hebou barramundis are an icon in the community and are seen as role models for many individuals across PNG. I encourage everyone to follow their example and get vaccinated today at you Local Urban Health Clinic.”

Here are some details about Tetanus:

·      Tetanus is a serious disease caused by bacteria. The actual disease is caused when the bacteria release a toxin, or poison, into a person's body.

·      Tetanus gets into the body through cuts or wounds.

·      Tetanus can cause extremely painful muscle cramps all over the body. This disease can be deadly. In the most common form of tetanus, the first sign is spasm of the jaw muscles, followed by stiffness of the neck, and difficulty in swallowing.

·      Tetanus lives in the soil, so a child who plays outside can get infected even from a small injury.

·      Vaccination is the most effective step you can take to be protected from this serious disease.

Tetanus Vaccine Schedule

All children should get 5 doses of DTaP (diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis) vaccine, beginning when they're 2 months old. If your child misses a dose or gets behind schedule, make sure they get the next dose as soon as possible. Older children, teens, and adults should receive Tdap vaccine and after that, a Td booster dose every 10 years. Consult your Local Urban Health Clinic if you have a deep or dirty wound.

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