Bank boost for uni business program

The University of Papua New Guinea’s (UPNG) Business School will host a Master in Business Administration (MBA) Summit to showcase the program.

Bank South Pacific (BSP) gave K10, 000 sponsorship backing to the UPNG MBA pinnacle program.

 It will be held at the UPNG campus on the 9th of November.

The pinnacle aims to provide a platform for MBA candidates to present what they have learnt and also market the course to potential students.

Pinnacle coordinator Suresh Babu said the event will provide an avenue for organisations to obtain information on research topics that will be presented by MBA students.

Mr Babu, thanked BSP for the support to host the one day event.

“We are pleased that BSP, a leading organization, supports this initiative, especially in the business and finance (sector).”

BSP head of talent management Annette Naita said that BSP recognized the need for qualified people in the banking and financial industry and this was one way to encourage and source qualified professionals.

“We are pleased to support the MBA Pinnacle program. We hope that with this support, the event can be able to achieve its objectives.’’

Charles Yapumi