Baki condemns officer shooting, orders full investigation

The Police Commissioner has condemned in the strongest term the shooting death of Constable Samuel Pias in Alotau by armed gang on Saturday.

Commissioner Gari Baki said this is shocking news for the family of the slain policeman as well as the constabulary.

He has ordered a full and immediate investigation into the shooting.

“We not rest until those criminals are brought to justice,” Commissioner Baki said.                                                                                                                                                                                       

Nine suspects have been identified however, all have gone into hiding.

“I am appealing to the peace-loving people of Milne Bay to assist the police and bring those criminals to justice.

“It is this handful of criminals who will spoil the name and image of Milne Bay Province so they do not and must not be protected.

“Hand them over to police so that they can be dealt with,” Commissioner Baki urged.

(Picture showing the body of Constable Samuel Pias on the road in Alotau. – Supplied)

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