Awesa condemns police killings

Minister for Works and Implementation, Francis Awesa has condemned in the strongest possible terms the killing of two serving policemen in 18 months.

Awesa said the shooting of a policeman in Northern Province 18 months ago and another last Saturday (July 30) in Alotau by criminals should not be taken lightly.

He urged Milne Bay Provincial Government and all state agencies in Alotau to treat this matter as a very serious matter and do their utmost to bring the killers of the policeman to face the law.

“Milne Bay Province, which is generally quiet, and peaceful having the potential to become a good local and international tourist destination should be maintained that way.

“Tourism is a very delicate industry and therefore peace, good order and respect for the rule of law is an important pre-requisite of the tourism industry.

All relevant State agencies together with leaders and ordinary law abiding people in Milne Bay Province must do their utmost best to help in apprehending the killers of the policeman,” Awesa said.

As well, he urged the police hierarchy to ensure policemen and women assigned on difficult and potentially dangerous tasks to be guided by specific rules of engagement.

He suggested that regular exercises on specific training and re-fresher courses would be of advantage and help prevent unnecessary police casualties and even deaths at the hands of criminals.

“It is most regrettable and unfortunate that a law enforcing officers should lose his life in defending the rule of law,” Awesa said.

The young policeman killed in Alotau last Saturday (July 30) morning during a confrontation with a criminal gang was from Mendi, Southern Highlands Province.

Caption: File picture of Francis Awesa.