Awesa assures Central MPs of roads completion

Minister for Works and Transport, Francis Awesa, had questioned members of Parliament on Tuesday about their District Support Improvement Programs (DSIP).

He said this after being asked in Parliement by Kairuku-Hiri Member, Peter Isoaimo, and Goilala MP, Willam Samb, on the deteriorating state of roads in their respective districts and if the Government was going to address them.

Isoaimo referred to the Hiri Portion of then Hiritano Highway from Laloki bridge to Vei’Mauri bridge as well as the Bereina-Veifa’a junctions and the Waima-Kivori road leading to Gulf Province.

He asked if funds were also diverted.

Samb also asked Awesa to confirm if the Goilala-Mona road was a national link as he had already spent K3.5 million on it.

Responding to Isoaimo, Awesa said no funds have been diverted elsewhere and that any money allocated for their road will be given in due course.

He also reminded Samb of a prior engagement which he informed him that they were speaking to donor agencies to fund the section of the Goilala road.

Awesa told them that they were giving attention to all roads in the country.

“The perception that some members want to create that we are biased is not true,” he said.

“And the other point is that if some of these roads are deteriorating, what is happening to your DSIP funds. Where are you putting all these money?”

His response was interjected by Sinesine-Yogomugl MP and opposition member, Kerenga Kua, calling for the revitalizing of the Provincial Tender Boards so that the Works Ministry can worry about the national roads.

Awesa said some PTB’s were still operating in Yangorru-Saussia, Finschaffen, Lae, and Mt Hagen.

And he called on MP’s to go sit with him and discuss the issues and see where they can work together.













Cedric Patjole