Aviation industry to come under review

The Government intends to carry out a further industry review on the aviation sector in 2017.


The review will cover a wide range of issues including the cost and price of  services provision in the industry.

Before conducting the review an analysis of the '2006 Air Transport Review Report' by the Independent Consumer & Competition Commission (ICCC) will be done.

Some of the recommendations of the review have been implemented by the Government however, it is believed more still needs to be done.

The review is part of the governments intention to promote a competitive and dynamic private sector.

This will see the continuation of programs to provide an investment friendly climate for the private sector of which one of the main objectives is:

“encourage State Owned Enterprises (SOE’s) efficiency and increase the nature and level of competition within the markets which SOE’s operate, with particular focus on the telecommunication, electricity, and transport sectors especially shipping and aviation.”


Cedric Patjole